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Caravan Technologies has a full range of services to meet all businesses IT needs. We thoroughly understand how each businesses IT requirements is different and want to provide all businesses with the missing pieces of their IT puzzle. Our services include:

Application Development

Application development includes design, testing, integration, deployment, maintenance, support, and new security threats that may exist. We offer our clients experience in collaboration, integration, and compliance issues; resulting in resolutions for various IT needs.

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Web Design

We have an experienced creative team that will create a website that represents you, is unique, and captures the attention of those who go to it. Along with that fantastic design you will also find that the websites we develop are easy to navigate and highly functional.

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e-Commerce is an increasingly popular trend in today’s marketplace. We provide viable solutions and options to help your business connect with an e-Commerce solution that is long term and not just a quick fix to your problems.

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Most businesses have found they do not want to pay the increasing costs associated with finding and recruiting the proper IT staff. At Caravan Technologies we help businesses fill the gaps and get the expertise they deserve from their IT specialists.

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Dtatabase Design

Information that businesses receive needs to be managed by a data base. Our designs are practical, user friendly, and cost effective.

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Web Development

Web development is what makes sure that your website is running properly, efficiently, and working. Caravan Technologies knows that there needs to be a great support system behind your website to make sure that it is working optimally for your business.

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Software Development

If your business needs customization in their software we have the software engineers that can create that.

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Data Warehousing

We can design and help your business implement the right data warehouse for your information.

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IT Consulting

When it comes to a business’ technology needs, an outside consultant can often see the entire picture more clearly. Consulting is a service that we offer at Caravan Technologies because the overall picture is as important as the small details.

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Search Engine Marketing

This is a marketing tool that helps generate more traffic to websites and increase their visibility on the internet.

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Web Hosting

Good web hosting needs to be attached to a successful business website. The web host has the space to hold content and make your site run efficiently.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps businesses manage their resources more effectively. That in turn helps businesses operate more efficiently and profitably.

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